Martinez, California

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To schedule a session with Victoria at Diablo Peak Dog Sports, please click on the below link to go to an external site: http://thebodyworkadvantage.schedulista.com/?fbclid=IwAR0U1Bzg3RIjQiIPiDoVcoiNbw3p2rooiTgzwXUWUXrUVdluFQvQqYnolL

Victoria will be working with the Diablo Peak Dog Sports team starting January 2019.


Victoria became a qualified veterinary nurse with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons UK in 1987.  While working in the veterinary field, her roles have included managing the smooth running of hospital teams and surgical teams, training nurses, and starting/growing a satellite veterinary practice. She has studied Canine Rehabilitation at the Canine Rehab Institute and Holistic Veterinary Medicine at the Chi Institute Florida. 

Victoria has been an active participant in many sporting activities since the age of 10: track and field, triathlons and half marathons to name but a few. Victoria is a USA track and field coach. After different injuries and many frustrations, her focus turned towards injury prevention and functional movement.

Victoria’s passion and curiosity for muscle energetics, movement and healing began in 2007 when she participated in a 250-hour Equine Massage Training. She then continued her studies in various modalities for both people and animals. She has been fascinated with the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, continuing  her studies in  advanced acupressure (Five Element Theory) with Kathleen Davis, Jason Frye, Carl Johns and Michael Gach and energetic and intuitive healing with Alice Hiatt and Reiki at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley.


Victoria studied canine body work at Caninology.com, equine acupressure with Dianna Thompson and animal acupressure at The Tall Grass Animal Acupressure Institute. She is currently studying animal neuro-myofascial release technique and manual therapy: introduction, assessment and techniques with The University of Tennessee.

When she is not working, Victoria enjoys spending time with her family and their dogs, Poppy and Ziggy. She participates in various sporting activities.